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Bulldog Power 10 Club





Mel Hi Crew has begun an initiative to reconnect with Alumni Rowers, Coaches, Family Members and Friends, and to encourage participation in current Mel Hi Crew activities. The organization has not only established an enviable history of excellence in competition, but has for 37 years also prepared countless young women and men for further success as adults. This has only been possible through the consistent and collective effort of the extended Mel Hi Crew Team.

The Bulldogs Power 10 initiative aims to strengthen the Mel Hi Crew Support Network, and allow Alumni to support the current rowers in a variety of ways. Some of the proposed activities for the members include:

- Volunteering opportunities including the Brevard’s Champs.
- Receiving up-to-date information and results for current events.
- Connecting with other Alumni thru the Mel Hi Crew website.
- Social events for current and former Crew participants.

As a former rower or family member, will you please consider joining the Bulldogs Power 10 Club and participate as a spectator, volunteer or contributor? A minimum annual contribution of $10 is a great way to invest in these young athletes and in the Mel Hi Crew organization. Please help us spread the word and be on the lookout for future notices regarding this exciting new initiative.

Join the Bulldog Power 10 Club

Let us know how and what you are doing. We love to hear from you!

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