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Fall 2015 Season Highlights

Alumni Christmas Regatta, Ballard Park - December 19, 2015

Despite the high winds and cool temperatures, we had a great turnout at our annual Christmas Regatta.  The Mixed Alumni 8 boat raced the Men's Varsity 8 and the winner is anyone's guess. It was a great time of reconnecting and celebrating the fun of the past year.    


Head of the Giblet, Orlando, FL - November 21, 2015

Our Bulldog Rowers and Coxswains were very busy during the 2015 edition of the Giblet.  According to results from Regatta Central, we had 14 boats which raced during the day and 5 of those boats earned medals by finishing in one of the top three places.  Congratulations to Mel-Hi Crew for the strong showing.  

Head of the Hooch, Chattanooga, TN - November 7 & 8, 2015

Our varsity rowers made the trip to "The Hooch" again this year and fortunately for all, it was much warmer than 2014.  We did have to row through some rain, but the beauty, size and competition provided by this event made the trip worthwhile.  There were hundreds of boats and rowers from all over the eastern half of the U.S. and overseas.  

Leader of the Lake 5K, Lake Minneola, Clermont, FL - October 3, 2015

Our Fall Season started with great competition at a great new venue.  The Leader of the Lake 5K at Clermont ended with the following results:  Our Men's Pair took 1st Place, Men's Varsity 4 also placed 1st, Men's Varsity 8 finished in 2nd place and our Men's Novice 8 placed 3rd.  Good performances were also turned in by the rest of our rowers and coxswains.  We were even able to pose with Row Brevard Master's Crew after the race.



Summer 2015 Season Highlights

Halifax Regatta, Daytona Beach, FL - July 25, 2015

Our Mel-Hi Crew Bulldog rowers finished off their summer season with a great showing at the Halifax Regatta.  On top of many medals we had a relatively comfortable weather day.   We even enjoyed watching a heavy-weight coxswain (Michael) lead the our lightweight men's 4 to the overall silver medal!


Spring 2015 Season Highlights

SRAA National Championships, Camden, New Jersey - May 22-23, 2015

Eleven Mel-Hi Crew Bulldog rowers and their families traveled to Philadelphia to attend the SRAA National Championships at Cooper River, New Jersey.  Our rowers who competed this year at Nationals were Emma Daninger, Tiffany Henke, Nick Alban, Sean Alcorn, Hayden Botwinis, Aaron Daninger, Tyler Edwards, Mitchell Klingler, Sam McGuckian, Taylor Neidlinger, and Grant Newton.  Our Women's 2 Sculling boat finished 7th in the nation while our Men's 8 Sweeps Rowers finished 12th fastest! 

FSRA State Sweeps Championships, Sarasota, FL - April 25-26, 2015

State Sweeps saw the MelHi Crew Bulldogs turn in their best performances of the year against the best in the State of Florida.

Our Men's 2 boat (Santi Peralta-Ramos and Michael Ryan) earned a bronze model as they were the third fastest team in the Grand Final. 

Our Men's Junior 8 boat finished in 4th place in the Grand Final and qualified for the National Championships in Camden, New Jersey in May.

And the icing on the cake was the performance by our Women's V4 boat as they also qualified for Nationals. 

Brevard Champs, Canal 54, Fellsmere - April 18, 2015

Our rowers and coxswains turned in some great races at the annual Brevard Champs Regatta Saturday.  This was a really good tune up ahead of the State Sweeps Championships next weekend. Below are the results for our Mel-Hi Crew Bulldogs:

1st Place - Men's Junior 8
2nd Place - Men's Varsity 2
2nd Place - Women's Varsity 4
2nd Place - Men's Varsity 4
2nd Place - Men's LW 4
2nd Place - Women's LW 4
2nd Place - Women's 2

The other schools competing were Sebastian River High School, Space Coast Crew, St. Edwards High and Vero Beach High.

FSRA Sculling State Championships, Sarasota, FL - April 11-12, 2015

Mel-Hi Crew sent 9 rowers to compete at the Florida State Sculling Championships in Sarasota. 

Our Women's Junior 2X boat with Emma Daninger and Tiffany Hinke took FIRST PLACE in the Petite Finals and was the fastest Scholastic Women's boat.  This was Emma's 5th Scholastic State Championship win and Tiffany's 1st. 

The other Bulldog Rowers who competed at Sculling States included Jacob Titus, Ariel Howk, John LaCrosse, Max Techoueyres, Dillon Courtney, Patrick Craig and Christina Pooser.

FSRA East District Championship, Turkey Lake, Orlando - April 4, 2015

Great performances by our rowers and coxswains capped off a beautiful Saturday. Seven out of our fourteen boats earned medals:

 MENS JUNIOR 4 - 3rd

We will be racing every weekend during the month of April, so we look forward to seeing more medal performances. Thank you Coach Jon, Emily and Brady for all you do for our team!

Fairview Hex Regatta, Lake Fairview, Orlando - March 21, 2015

This was MelHi Crew's first time to compete at the Fairview Hex Regatta.  There were six teams competing and this is why it is called the Hex Regatta.  Some have described this as an 'informal' meet. 

Our rowers and coxswains gave it their best effort in all races and our MelHi Crew parents and friends cheered them on from afar.  Our athletes had to cope with a toasty, metal dock and the rest of us worked to find a cool spot during the (almost) hot afternoon.  It brought back memories of the 2014 Halifax Regatta.

Opening Day Regatta, Canal 54, Fellsmere - February 21, 2015


Our Opening Day Regatta was held at Canal 54 just north of Fellsmere on February 21st. 

The day started out on the chilly side, but ended up being warm and breezy. 

MelHi Crew rowed in 10 races and gave it our best effort.  Great job, Team!

Southern Erg Sprints, FIT Melbourne - February 7, 2015

The Southern Erg Sprints is always an exciting, challenging event and this year was no exception.  Held at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, our rowers competed against individuals from around the Southeastern United States. 


According to www.ergracer.com this years event was one of their largest races, with approximately 1,300 athletes in 1,490 seats raced.

Aaron Daninger brightened the day with a Bronze Medal in the 9th grade Men's competition.  Aaron's time for the 2,000 meters was 6:54.5.  Congratulations Aaron!

Three State Champion Bulldog Women Return for 2014-15

Emma, Hayden, Zoe, Alex and Bri Racing at Brevard Champs in March 2014

We are fortunate to have three Florida State Scholastic Rowing Champions returning for the Mel-Hi Crew 2014-15 Season. 

Emma Daninger, Hayden Hamaker and Zoe McNeely rowed in the Women's Varsity 4 boat with Alex Heirston and coxswain Brianna Wright to win the State Scholastic Championship Trophy.  After winning the Florida State Championship in April, our women's team rowed at the Scholastic Nationals in New Jersey and finished with their best time of the season.


July 26th Halifax Regatta

The event in Daytona is always a hot one and we were not disappointed this summer.  Along with the heat, thunderstorms ended the Regatta about an hour early.   Our Mel-Hi Crew Athletes had a competitive regatta with the following results:

3rd Place Womens Heat 1 Jr 2-
3rd Place Womens Heat 2 Jr 2-
4th Place Womens Jr 1x
5th Place Mens Jr 4x
2nd Place Womens Jr 4+
4th Place Womens Jr 2x
4th Place Mens Open 8+
6th Place Womens Jr 4x
4th Place Mixed Jr 8+


May 23-24th Scholastic Nationals - Cooper River, Camden, NJ


At Nationals in New Jersey, our Boys Varsity Lightweight 4+ finished 7th in the Nation and our Girls Varsity 4+ finished 5th in their first heat.  The Boys boat included Santi Peralta-Ramos, Michael Orndorf, AJ Powshok, Michael Ryan and Megan Bellstedt.  The Girls boat included Emma Daninger, Hayden Hamaker, Zoe McNeely, Alex Heirston and Brianna Wright.  Also, rower Alex Heirston established a new record for Mel-Hi Crew with her 4th Scholastic Championship win.



April 26-27th FSRA State Sweeps Championships

In order to qualify for Scholastic Rowing Association of America (SRAA) Nationals, our Bulldog rowers had to finish in the top 3 at the Florida State Rowing Association (FSRA) Sweeps Championships in Sarasota on April 26-27, 2014.  Two Mel-Hi Crew boats qualified for nationals.  Our Boys Lightweight 4+ finished THIRD in the Florida Grand Final and our Girls Varsity 4+ finished FIRST in the Florida Scholastic State Final.  After raising enough money to pay for all expenses, the two teams were off to New Jersey for the SSRA National Championship on May 23-24, 2014. 


April 26-27th FSRA State Sweeps Championships

Two boats qualified for the National Championships in New Jersey (May 24-25).  Also rower Alex Heirston established a new record for Mel-Hi Crew with her 4th Scholastic Championship win.

Boys Lightweight 4+
Finished Third in the Grand Final for a Bronze Medal
Santi Peralta-Ramos
Michael Orndorf
Andrew Powshok
Michael Ryan
Megan Bellstedt

Girls Varsity 4+
Finished First in the Scholastic State Final
Emma Daninger
Hayden Hamaker
Zoe McNeely
Alex Heirston
Brianna Wright

APR 13-14th FSRA State Sculling Championships

Michael Orndorf and AJ Powshok Sculling at Brevard Champs Regatta in March 2014

Mel-Hi Crew competed at the FSRA SCULLING Championships in Sarasota on April 13-14, 2014. Our Men's Lightweight 2x with rowers Michael Orndorf (Orny) and AJ Powshok finished SECOND in the state earning the Silver Medal and qualifying for a trip to Nationals.  Unfortunately, a rower can only compete in one event at Nationals.   So Orny and AJ chose to row with Santi and Michael in the Boys Lightweight 4x at Nationals.  In addition to that impressive performance,  Santi Peralta-Ramos finished in 6th place in the State of Florida, rowing in the Boys Varsity 1x.

APR 13-14th FSRA State Sculling Championship Results

Boys Lightweight 2x
Finished Second in the Final for a Silver Medal with a 5:41.50
Michael Orndorf
A.J. Powshok

Girls Varsity 2x
Finished 2nd in the Petit Final with a 6:25.50
Alex Heirston
Emma Daninger

Boys Varsity 1x
Santi Peralta-Ramos finished 6th with a 6:28.70.

Girls Freshman 4x - We finished 3rd in the Petit Final with a 7:05.57
Emily Reinighaus
Charlotte Platt
Riley Lundmark
Christina Pooser
Lindsey Johnson

Girls Varsity 1x
Finished Second and Third in the Petit Final
Katie Carroll 7:25.46
Zoie Roberts  7:41.91

Gathered from RegattaCentral.com

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