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Regatta Guide


What to Bring - Parents:

Chairs - folding chairs with carrying strap work great.

Food - each regatta provides tables of food to for rowers and staff. Attending families must bring their own food.These meals, drinks and snacks are provided by each family contributing via sign-up.  So, don't forget to pack the food you signed up for.

Cooler - with wheels as it is often a long walk from the parking to the viewing/tent area. Pack your family's preference of meals, snacks and drinks.


Umbrella & Awning & extra Clothes - we row through rain and shine. Pack for all weather including chilly mornings.

Backpack - you will enjoy having medicine kit, wipes, bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, binoculars, camera, reading materials, toilet paper (for when the portables run out), flashlight (some days we arrive before the sun is up).

Bikes - this is optional and we will let you know the Regattas that are known for their biking..

Money - Parking is usually around $5, plus vendors of food and apparel are on-site.

What Athletes Will Bring:

Warm Season Mandatory Uniform: UniSuit, MHC Cap, Grey Bulldog T-shirt or White New Balance Tank, Black Sports Shorts, Tennis Shoes, Socks and MHC Drawstring Bag.

Winter Mandatory Uniform: UniSuit, MHC Cap, White Longsleeve Compression Shirt (under Uni), Grey Bulldog T-shirt, MHC Hoodie, Black Sports Shorts, Tennis Shoes, Socks and MHC Drawstring Bag. Optional: Flannel MHC Pajamas, Grey Sweatpants, Grey MHC Jacket or Green MHC Windbreaker.

Rowers and Coxswains always dress in Uniform at Regattas representing the Team.

MHC Drawstring Bag contains your sunscreen, sunglasses, homework, reading, electronics, chargers, anything for your 'down time'. Pillow, blanket and sleeping bag are optional.

All Regattas sell T-shirts with Regatta name and date, while other vendors are also on-sight to sell crew apparel and food so Bring your Spending Money $$.

The Low Down:

 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. is a typical race day.

Arrival time is usually very early in the morning and while it is dark. Someone from Mel Hi Crew will 'stake a claim' where volunteer adults pitch the rower tent, food tables, food truck and family awnings. Bring all your belongings to that area and be ready to pitch in volunteer time. Everyone helps set up tents, tables, spread tarps, lay out foods, and give support.

Under the MelHiCrew Tent is where our Rowers gather between races (near the food tables provided by parents). It is always more comfortable to have your padding of pillow and blanket/sleeping bag and things to do while you wait for your race.

Rowers drop off their belongings and head to the boat trailer to unload and rig the boats. The Coach always advises the time for rowers to arrive. This is not based on your athlete's competing times - this is based on team work.

Although Teams set up together, rowers are responsible for their personal belongings. The MHC tent will always be tidy. Keep your belongings on bungee cord and in drop box.

All rowers will depart at the end of the day only after the end of all races, the boats have been torn apart and loaded on the boat trailer.

Parents will help tear down the food tables and tents and wait for the rowers to finish loading boats, and for the Coach's parting words of the day and medals awarded.

Regattas are a GREAT TIME for camaraderie among the rowers and for the parents to socialize, learn more about rowing, check out the regatta site by walking or biking, use electronics and reading materials, and nap. :-)

How Do I Earn My Spot In A Boat? 

 The coaches make the line ups based on performance, attendance and attitude.  Everyone should arrive at practice on time to ensure that they will be placed in a boat.  Athletes who arrive late to practice make it very difficult to guarantee that they will be placed in a boat.  If an Athlete is unable to attend practice, the coaching staff should be alerted at the previous practice. When there are unexpected absences, this greatly affects what the team is able to accomplish.

Why Is Your UNIFORM So Important?

Our Opponents judge us by our appearance. Do we look like a boat of uncoordinated newbs? We may just end up rowing like it and our Opponents may see that before we even start the race.

When we ALL wear our uniform, we share feelings of:

  • EQUALITY which brings all of us up to the same level,
  • MUTUAL GROWTH that encourages us to care for our teammates,
  • COMMITMENT to our team’s goals,
  • CONFIDENCE in our abilities which encourages proper Body Movement.

Above all, the number one reason my Uniform is SO Important is TEAM UNITY: A United Team is a winning team. Unity within a team is crucial to success. When a team is wearing a uniform of high quality that has been custom made to each rowers specifications there is a great boost to team pride. This in turn enhances a rowers performance and increases everyone's ambition to succeed. The high morale of each member is enhanced and our opposition can sense our pride. Team pride and unity, when combined with a quality uniform design, can intimidate opponents and help set a team up for outstanding performance.

Don’t forget that your MHC Polo Shirt is REQUIRED attire at school the day before a race!


The idea of the pasta dinner the night before a race is to increase glycogen levels stored in the liver and muscles so the rowers have enough energy to get through all their races. Carbohydrate intake is important to help maintain blood glucose levels towards the end of a prolonged training session or race.

Consuming protein regularly is important to maintain good nutrition and replace depleted levels after workouts. However eating high protein diet the night before racing decreases the amount of glycogen absorbed, which results in low levels when rowers awake in the morning resulting in less available energy. That translates into not enough energy to finish the race.

Nutrition and Energy is behind what we eat and when. This is why we request pasta dishes, veggie-based sauces, and why we choose to go light on cheese and meat.

Appropriate food for the day of race will be provided at the food table by the parents who have signed up via the online Regatta Food Sign-up sheet.

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