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Melbourne High School Rowing Association - Rowing Together Since 1977


Registration Process

All Registration forms below are required PRIOR to the first practice. You cannot practice unless all the forms and online registrations are completed, signed and the Travel form is notarized. Sorry, there are no exceptions.

      A) Download and review the Crew Parent Handbook - CLICK HERE.

B) Parents must complete ALL forms at Mel High Sports web site - CLICK HERE.  

C) Parents must complete the Online Mel Hi Crew Parent/Rower form - CLICK HERE.

D) Parents must complete US Rowing Waiver by clicking HERE, then:
  Novice Rowers: Select Individuals --> Join,  Enter your rowers personal information, our team code is 9YED7.
  Returning Rowers: Individuals --> Members: Renew/Upgrade.  Enter your ID and Password and check your renewal date.  You will likely need to log back in and renew after December 31.

E) Parents must complete the FSRA NOARA Waiver by clicking HERE, then:
    1. Select Melbourne High School from the drop down list,
    2. Fill in your data and enter the verification code at the bottom of the page,
    3. You will be added to FSRA NOARA waiver roster for the season.




Download Mel-Hi Crew By-Laws HEREEvery Parent Should Carry Their Own Personal Copy. 

Grievance Form - Click HERE

Reimbursement Expense Form - Click HERE

School Insurance, if needed, is HERE - all sports require insurance and Brevard County offers an option.

If deemed necessary, Student Progress Report Forms are HERE and will be completed by Students and signed by a parent the first week of each month and returned by Saturday. No practice Saturday (or onwards) until the form is completed.



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